Atal Tinkering Laboratories 2017-2022

We are glad to announce that through a layer of selection process at National level our school has been selected for establishment of Atal Tinkering Laboratory. It is a project undertaken by NITI Ayog under the scheme of Atal Innovation Mission to offer a platform in order to nurture and enhance the technology innovations among the school children.

The selection procedure
NITI Ayog received around 13,005 applications. Out of which 809 were from Maharashtra. BSM is one of those first 25 schools in Maharashtra which are selected for this endeavor.

The screening criteria

 – Availability of qualified teaching staff.
– Availability of infrastructure facilities.
– Performance of the school in SSC exam.
– Performance of the school in National level competitive exams.
– Performance of the school in National level project competitions.
– Performance of the school in Olympiad exams.
– Performance of the alumni at National and International level.


The school is selected through the Atal Challenge round under the guidance of our principal Mrs Geetanjali Bodhankar. In the Atal Challenge round the students presented on the project ‘ Plastic Collection and Recycling’ based on the participation of the school in “SAGARMITRA “ project.

Salient features of the ATL activities
The school will be undertaking projects to involve students in creative activities to encourage innovative thinking among them.

The features of the activities
– Activities involving basic electronics and robotics
– To nurture innovative thinking among them.
– To offer a platform for breakthrough in technology innovations to solve the day today issues regarding:
– Environmental Pollution, Communication,Health,Recreation, Transport,Handicapped people.

Assistant Head Master of our school Mr. Anant Kulkarni Sir participated in Atal Tinkering Laboratory workshop conducted by Intel at Best High School,Ahmedabad.

Here are some glimpses of the workshop



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